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Why Audi Insists on Regular Wheel Alignment Servicing       

Wheel alignment has always been a part of preventive automobile maintenance since the automobile industry evolved. It is a known fact that wheel alignment is conducted to make sure that a vehicle moves ahead in a straight line even when driving at its topmost speed. But there are also a few more reasons why the leading manufacturers like Audi insists their customers to get a wheel alignment done at a regular interval.

Here we are sharing with you all those reasons that were explained to us by the trained mechanics of a popular Audi service center.

Steering Responses

To keep the steering wheel respond to your inputs, the wheels need to stay perfectly aligned. Otherwise, the wheels would lose their contact with the steering wheel and go hay ware leading to a fatal accident.

It is then only through a timely wheel alignment servicing that you can save your expensive Audi   model from meeting with an accident and also protect yourself and your near ones from such fateful incidences.

When your Audi Will Need a Wheel Alignment?

When driving your Audi you feel the tendency of your vehicle “pulling” at a side of the road, without your intended steering inputs, know that one or more of the four wheels are out of their places.

During a tire rotation, if the tires display several bald spots on its treads, it is indicative of misaligned tires. In such cases you need to get the wheels of your Audi car immediately aligned to avoid a gruesome safety issue.

Decreased fuel economy is yet another sign that your otherwise fuel efficient Audi is suffering from a wheel misalignment.

Types of Wheel Alignments

The term “wheel alignment” is commonly used in the repair industry of automobile. But it refers to a specific procedure of wheel servicing  that again bifurcates into several types. As an Audi car owner you need to have a basic knowledge on these types of wheel alignment to make sure, your Audi is always given the right wheel alignment treatment depending upon the model you own.

Front-End Alignment: it is the kind of alignment that is solely done on the front wheels. If your Audi model is configured as front-wheel drive, it will need this kind of wheel alignment.

Thrust Alignment:this kind of wheel alignment procedure is implemented to the rear axle of the vehicle. This kind of treatment is most effective for the severe pulling issues, where a “thrust-angle” is manually created to resolve the issue. The thrust alignment can also be called as suspension alignment as this process helps to improve the steering performance drastically.

Four-Wheel Alignment: as the name suggests this kind of wheel alignment is done on vehicles that are configured with AWD system. In other words, the engine power in these vehicles is transmitted to all four wheels for better off roading capabilities. Such wheel alignment type is the most commonly  practiced ones as the four wheel drive vehicles tend to go off roading more often and can damage the wheel alignment as a result.

So if you own an Audi SUV model, it will need to undergo a four wheel alignment for the best results, recommended the head of the mechanical department serving the Audi alignment service department.