Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Step by Step Guide for Renting a Car in Canada

Renting a car in Canada is possible any time anywhere in Canada but it may be too expensive, and you may not get your preferred car if you book there and then. The best way to reduce the price of your rental car is to book your car through the fly-drive package from your home or book your rental car much earlier in advance. In addition to this, you should also wisely choose the right car company like Location Decarie in order to get the maximum advantages in terms of price, preferred car and condition of the car etc.

The best way to get a rental car is to book the car online. This will eventually open wider options for choosing your preferred car as well as reduce the cost. There are numerous websites offering car rental online where you can compare the price and availability of the right car during your trip. Once you choose the car rental website and access it for booking your car, you will normally find a screen to select the pick-up location as well as the drop-off location including the date and time for pick-up and drop-off. 

Accordingly, you can either choose a specific location or many locations as per your requirements. However, if you have too many locations, you will have a long list of options where you will have to pick-up your car. Take note of an important aspect that picking-up and dropping-off are charged and too many picking-up and dropping-off may too expensive for you.

Once your location or locations and date, time etc. are finalised, click the “find your car” button which will eventually take you to different types of cars including economy, compact, 4WD etc. You will also see the prices on the page and find how many cars are available during the time when you intend to rent the car or during your trip. You can also go to the map view and see all available cars in the specific pick-up locations and choose or filter as per your choice. The next step is to select or choose your preferred type of car through different models of cars and then choose your preferred rate and select the locations.

The page will ultimately take you to a drop-down map with the entire locations and once you click on the pick-up location you will see the price. Similarly, you select the drop-off options. Now, if you require can select optional equipment such as child seat, infant-seat GPS etc. and click on the “Continue” button. After that, you will have to insert the driver’s information and then go to the payment section by scrolling down. Once you complete the taxes, fees, and other sections click on the submit button and you are done.