Thursday, November 26, 2020


The South Korean tyre company Nexen, is an expert in radial tyres. The company has come to achieve remarkable technology in the manufacturing and production of ruber silicate and nano composite tires. From winter patterns to sturdy treading, these products can withstand the test of time as well as offering safety and comfort. It is therefore one of the best tyres you can get for Dubai roads.

Given the busy road and interactions of the ever growing citu traffic, the demadn for better tyres can be seen as an understatement in fact.. Nexen tyres do not limit their technology from the important factors of driving like handling, road grip, tact, braking and fuel efficiency.

Undoubtedly, Nexen brands are a considerable choice for any road user due to their high quality and evee growing innovations and technology intyre production. In terms of the humid weather condition of the city, the products is a life saver because they perform excellently in such conditions and can last more than you can imagine.

Nexen tyres in UAE are available with pecial services such as delivery, free fitting and warranty options at your disposal. Exploring Nexen Tyres at Dubaityreshop , you’ll be amazed to find a plethora of good prices that matches perfectly with your preferences and budget and it is indeed the answer to your problems.

 They are also ideal for speed and endurance as well as normal and regular driving conditions. The shock and pressure absorbent technology is also top notch and this leads to complete comfort and quiet when cruising through town

Dubai Tyre Shop also offers a reliable refund policy scheme and warranty incase there is an unforeseen situation of technical faults or damages. You can easily contact the help center numbers for swift and effective assistance +971523868741 or check tyre prices and sizes at

Nexen tyres are categorized into two major types,

  1. General tyres

These varieties are basically designed for smaller or lighter vehicles such sd contemporary or luxurious uses. They comprises of solid side walls and you can no longer worry about easy tearing or wearing of your tyres and they cime in different price range.

  1. Heavy duty tyres

Heavy duty tyres are built for much larger vehicles like both medium and heavy duty trucks and commercial buses and also possesses the same quality as the general vatiants.


N2000, N3000, N4000, N5000, N6000, N7000, N8000, N9000, Nfera SUI, Nfera SU4, Nfera SUR4, Nfera RU5, NBLUE HD, NBLUE HD Plus, NBLUE Eco, CP661 and Capitol.


NFERA SUR4 – grip/durability/stability performance

NFERA AU7 -wet/dry/comfort performance

NFERA AU5 – grip/durability/comfort performance

NFERA SPORT – wet/dry/handling performance

NFERA PRIMES – wet/handling/safety performance

NFERA SUI -wet/dry/handling performance

 NBLUE HD PLUS – wet/dry/fuel-efficient performance

NBLUE ECO – wet/fuel/comfort performance

NFERA 4SEASON – wet/dry/snow  performance

NPRIZ AH8 – dry/fuel/comfort performance

NPRIZ AH5 – dry/quiet/comfort performance

NPRIZ SH9i – wet/durability/safety performance

WINGARD SPORT 2 – handling/winter/wet performance

WNGARD ICE PLUS – handling/snow/wet braking performance

WINGARD ICE PLUS 2 – handling/rolling/snow/noise performance