Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Most Economical Cars Ever

An economical car is music to the ears of city dwellers and townies who want something cost-effective, with the added benefit of ferrying them around without imposing further damage on the environment. However, for a lot of people relying solely on an electric power source this leaves them feeling uneasy. If this is the case for you, you may want to consider a hybrid car instead, which relies on two sources of power; electric and fuel. The support of a conventional engine can be quite reassuring for those who are not wanting to dive right into buying the greenest car available just yet. And of course with hybrids, there is the added benefit of low tax and no congestion charges, which is a win-win on the economy front. To point you in the right direction for the most economical cars to fulfil a variety of tastes, here are a few options for you to think about.

Hyundai Ioniq 

Let’s start by defining just how economical this car is, with the ability to drive 247.8 mpg, need we say more. This car covers a phenomenal distance on such a small amount of fuel; with its efficiency stretching across journey’s both long and short. You can expect to reach a range of 30 miles on a fully charged Ioniq. Now for the price, although plug-in hybrids can be rather expensive with their large battery packs, you can pick up an almost new Ioniq for £21,000. 

Toyota Prius

For those who are interested in an economical car with a futuristic design, the Prius generation (launched in 2017) could be the car for you. The cars most economical aspect is its ability to achieve 235 mpg. This cuts just underneath the Hyundai’s mpg, and shall equally cover a 30-mile commute on electric power alone. If the electrical energy begins to wane on your journey, the fuel mode kicks in and you can still expect to achieve a good mpg, at 70 mpg on a motorway drive. If the Toyota piques your interest, you can expect to pay around £20,900 for this motor.

BMW i8

From the image alone, the i8 design intends to impress onlookers. This BMW embodies a sports car form with the capacity to fill the need for acceleration beyond the legal limit. Although, you should be aware that if you purchase this car solely based for racing purposes, you won’t receive the economic benefits defined for this car, which stand at 128.4mpg. For this vehicle, a combination of the petrol engine and electric power source work best together for sharp acceleration. Although, you can switch your BMW to eDrive mode and achieve around the same fuel-free mileage of up to 30 miles, using the electric power alone.

To save your pockets and our planet, hybrid cars are a natural step toward a better future. And as you can see, this doesn’t mean you need to skimp on style or speed either. Now it’s merely a case of choosing which car is right for you.