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Maintenance Tips for Shocks and Struts in your Vehicle

The suspension system of a vehicle plays an important role in making a smoot ride, absorbing all the imperfections of the surface the vehicle drives through. It suspends the body of the vehicle over the wheels allowing the vehicle to handle the road with accurate moves, while keeping it balanced and safe.

The major driving actions like acceleration, turning and braking are all directly related to the vehicle’s suspension. As explained by the team of mechanics from the Scottsdale Mazda, this suspension is consisted of parts like shocks and struts that are again important to protect the suspension from being excessively worn out.

About the Shocks and Struts

The  shocks and struts being the most crucial parts of the suspension system of a vehicle need equal care as other parts if not more. An old pair of shock or strut can speed up the process of suspension wear affecting the ride and handling to a large extent. Worn out shocks or struts can also  prematurely wear out the suspension bushings, brakes, tie-rod ends, ball joints and parts like CV joints that are necessary for every movement of the vehicles.

Usual Lifespan of Shocks and Struts

Ideally, the factory setting of the shocks and struts are meant to work around 80 million times in a 50,000-mile lifespan. But after crossing that mark, there is much less possibility ofwellbeing for these two parts.

On the contrary by getting a new pair of shocks or struts for your suspension system you are in fact doing a great favor to yourself. These new pair of shocks and struts will make other parts working in their usual pace and efficiency while the ride and handling can visibly improve. If you are of late experiencing a sort of floating ride, it is a typical characteristic of extremely worn shocks that can not only nauseate the passengers but will become a grim safety concern as the body of the vehicle will invariably tend to pitch and roll at the time of cornering and braking. Replacing the worn out shocks or struts, you’re going to experience a new-car handling feel behind the wheels, while the passengers would be still left with lots of energy even after long hours of off-road driving.

Upgrading the Shocks and Struts

Drivers who are looking for an even sportier performance do have the option to upgrade the shocks or struts, of the suspension system of their vehicle. If you drive a heavy duty vehicle, that needs to go undergo frequent off road driving and towing tasks, upgrading the existing shocks and struts with more powerful ones, will definitely boost up the performance, while the handling and cornering of the vehicle will become easier for you as well. Experts say, that tighter shocks and struts will always perform better for heavy duty vehicles, so if your vehicle needs a new pair of shocks and struts, the auto experts of the Scottsdale Mazda dealership will recommend you to get them upgraded or replaced without further delay.