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Learn How Much Does It Cost You to Ship a Car

Typically, the average cost of Ship a Car, Inc within the U.S. is about $950, but you can assume the rates around $700 to $1,200 anywhere. Even though determining the exact figure is difficult, there have been some aspects that you can research to get a decent idea.

If you’re traveling across the country and need to ship a car to California, then Ship a Car is an excellent shipping company and a suitable option for you. Ship A Car is an experienced transportation company with direct access to a considerable carrier network.

The cost of shipping a car depends on the different elements

  • Shipping the car Distance

It is the most significant factor when shipping a car. The figures may differ from $500 to $1.500, based on whether you’re sending your car cross-state or cross-country.

Most car transportation companies Shipping starting price is per mile and the fare will decrease the farther the car travels. Size and the model of the car, the size of the vehicle would also have a significant effect on shipping charges.

Heavier vehicles like pick-up trucks and SUVs would cost as much to transport than smaller cars, like sedans with four doors.

  • Method of shipping

Door-to – door delivery- It is the most convenient way of delivering a vehicle. Carrier arrives at your place, picks up your truck, and drops off the car anywhere you want. While this approach may be more expensive than others, the simplicity is unmatched.

Terminal-to-terminal- It is another choice when it comes to determining how to transport your vehicle. In this situation, you drop your car at a specified place of storage and pick this up from a specific location.

Type of transportation

  • Shipping by train

A right old-fashioned train does the heavy lifting rather than loading your car onto a truck. While some of the train routes are cost-effective and easily available, others might be outrageously overpriced or merely absent. The cost of shipping a car by train would be less than $1,000, but prices may increase for some routes.

  • Shipping by air

Generally shipping a vehicle by air is intended for different movements that cannot be protected by rail. Though this is faster than any other process, this could cost as much as $100,000.

  • Shipping via ocean

This method is used to transport vehicles to vast distances, in particular places such as Alaska and Hawaii. In this case, the shipping cost is projected to be approximately $1,000 to $1,500.

  • Shipping by a trailer

It is possible to hire an automotive transportation company to ship a vehicle through containers to ensure a safe transfer.

There are different sorts of carriers, each carrying their prices, used for auto transport.  Open-air trailers can contain various cars at a time, while containers are enclosed to secure your vehicle.

  • The Shipping cost of the car to California

If you use an open door-to-door transportation service to ship a standard shaped sedan 1,000 miles, the average cost is around $1,150. Midwestern shipping will be about $750 lower than East Coast shipping.


The best choice of car shipping is to use no shipping company and to drive a car yourself. There is no way to estimate the exact sum but depending on your step, it may be as small as $500. It is also quite evident that shipping from terminal to the terminal via an open-air trailer will also turn out as the best value.