Monday, November 30, 2020
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How to Use the Car Wash Shampoo Optimally?

Dust from the road and grime from the various components of the wheel and brakes stick to the car over the course of a day. Driving around a dirty car is not good for your image. But just splashing a bit of water on the car usually does not work as the dust is microscopic in nature and needs more force than just water to be rid of. Any of the best car wash shampoo India will be a handy tool for you in this endeavour. Just remember a few things and you shall have your car ready to dazzle in no time.

  1. Choose the right tools: Pick a shady spot away from direct sunlight for washing. The sponge or mitts you use should be gentle on the paint yet effective at removing dust and other contaminants. There are many options available as washing mitts if you search for car wash shampoo India on the net. A plush mitt or a deep sponge is better and remember to use the softer side of the sponge for washing. There are many options available made out of natural as well as synthetic fibers and softness of the material is the key here.

  1. Washing methodology: You must follow these tips to help you clean the car in the best way possible.

  1. Tyres: Start washing the tyres first. This will ensure that if you splash any cleaner or dirt on the vehicle, it can be easily washed away. Use a water based shampoo that has no corrosive chemicals and is safe for the rubber in the tyres. Use a wheel brush to dislodge any dirt without scratching the wheels and remember to shampoo and wash one tyre each at a time before moving on to the next one. Once you are done with the tyres, empty out the bucket of water and clean the sponge or mitt before moving to the rest of the vehicle.

  1. Car body: It is important that you use any of the best car wash shampoo India market can offer and not use regular soap or any detergents. The purpose of cleaning is to remove the dirt without scratching the car body and any of these regular soaps and detergents are not meant for cleaning the car as they will remove any wax or other protective coatings. Do ensure that you buy car wash shampoo India market has to offer with ample lubricants to not scratch the car in any way.

  1. Sponge usage: Always use buckets of water for cleaning your car which will use less water than hosing it down. To ensure that your car is not left with swirl marks even after cleaning, use two buckets of water and fill one with soapy water and keep the other one clean till it is time for rinsing. Dip the sponge every time first in the clean water bucket to remove any dirt that has been removed from the vehicle before reloading it with soapy water.

  1. Rinsing process: It should start from the top so that all of the loosened dirt can flow off the vehicle. Rinse the windows and upper panels before moving to the lower ones.
  1. Drying: Always dry the vehicle with a clean and soft cloth before signing off to prevent any water spots. Do this process quickly before the water has time to start evaporating especially in the summer heat in India.