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How to clean and maintain your bike

Cleaning is one of the most important ways to maintain a two-wheeler. There are a lot of reasons why cleaning the bike should be the first priority for anyone who owns a two-wheeler. Not only for regular maintenance to ensure the smooth running of your two-wheeler. Are you planning to buy the best scooty for short height girls? Before that you need to know how to clean and maintain your dream bike are listed below:

Cleaning process

Before cleaning your bike with a shampoo or cleaning solvent, it is better to wipe with the help of water to remove the dirt and dust in a preliminary manner. For washing, you can use a hose and implement the conventional ‘thumb over the end’ method to develop the pressure for the outcoming water. The pressurized water will easily remove the mud clogged even in the interior areas where your hand cannot reach. So, it’s better to start the cleaning process by wiping it out with the help of freshwater.


After you completed the cleaning process, then it’s time to dry your dream bike. you should use a clean and dry cloth to wipe out the remaining water spread on the surface of the parts and other components.

Check the engine oil

The engine oil plays a crucial role in the smooth operation and maintenance of your dream bike. Regularly, check your engine oil level and always maintain the correct level. Due to the presence of carbon deposits, oil is going to thicken and it creates drag in the movement of engine intervals. The best engine oil helps you to ride your bike smoothly.

Regularly check the tyres

Check your dream bike tyres regularly and thoroughly look at the condition of your bike and air pressure. When you consider buying a scooter with a top10 scooty ranking is the best choice, because it is more convenient especially for girls. Do not forget to check your bike tyres at least once a week. Check the wheel balance and alignment.

Transmission system

Your bike chain needs a regular lubricant as well as cleaning and adjustment. Use a piece of cloth and a soft brush to remove the dirt which has accumulated in the chain. Never use the water for cleaning the chains, as that can rust the chain links. Once the dirt has been cleaned completely with the help of a brush and wipes the chain with a clean dry cloth. You can use the engine oil to lubricate the chain links.

Clutch adjustment

The clutch is used to change the gears on regular intervals during the ride and it is very often used. Don’t tighten your clutch too much; over tighten your clutch causes it to slip without your notice and it leads to an increase in fuel consumption.

Final thoughts

These are the certain thing you need to know about the maintenance and cleaning process for your dream bike. Follow the above-mentioned tips and see the miracle.