Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Different tires for bigger vehicles

Tires needs to be adapted to the different sizes of your vehicle. It is important to get the dimensions correct. To know the dimensions for your vehicle, you will need to check the handbook, read the dimension of the sidewall of your current tires or then use an online tire selector. The tire selector will give you the recommended dimension of tires based on your vehicle, model, year and engine size. It also allows you to search directly for a dimension of a tire based on the tire dimension. You can also use the search engine look up a tire for 275/60R20 all-season tires.

If you own a van or a pickup truck, you will need to make sure that you purchase light truck tires that are compatible and are able to handle the higher loads that you might transport. When choosing truck or van all-season tires, make sure that chose a tire that is good for either lighter loads or passenger transport or then for heavier loads used by transport or delivery trucks. You tend to have aramid-reinforced sidewalls to make them more durable to help ensure less downtime even if you hit a curb or sharp stones.

The tires for these heavier vehicles tend to be wider tires so that they can disperse the weight over a larger contact area. They need to be able to handle the higher weight load and they often come with aramid reinforced sidewalls, to make them more durable and protect them from damages due to sharp objects. This is important when you are driving off road, where there are no flat roads to drive on and where a flat tire can be challenging to fix, and you are often far away from any service station. Cheaper tires tend to be much more costly due to the fact that any downtime becomes very costly, so you need to make sure that your vehicles can operate with long service hours.

Nokian Tires always have low rolling resistance and low wear of the tires, so they will last longer and consume less fuel as you drive. Nokian Tires have long history of supplying tires for heavy trucks and were the first company to introduce winter tires back in 1930s. This is why they know how to build tires for harsh winter conditions for basically any type of vehicle.

When you carry heavy loads, it is important that you check the inflation pressure so that you have the recommended pressure in the tires. Low tire pressure can damage the sidewalls of the tires and it will also cause the vehicle to consume more fuel, which can be very costly in the long run. This should be checked on a regular basis and since the outside temperature impacts the pressure, it is important to also check when you have big swings in the temperature. You really want long trouble-free service life, to avoid costly downtime. should ensure that you will have good productivity within your business.

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