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Car Rent in Tallinn – Helpful Tips for a First Timer

Renting a car comes with a big responsibility. This belonging is not yours, but to a particular company, but you still need to care for it and treat it like yours. Now, before you start driving one, there are things that you need to consider. They have rules and policies, which you have to strictly follow. You should also know that every company in Estonia differs. Therefore, even if it is not your first time, you still need to go over these to avoid disobeying their guidelines.

Let’s say that you are not from Tallinn, which means that you are not familiar with the road and the routes that you should be driving at. Well, in this case, you have to get yourself updated and grab an updated map because to find out about the routes that were developed in the recent years. As first timers, I suggest you to visit because they can answer more of your queries and concerns about driving Tallinn and renting a vehicle.

The road and routes are not the only things that you need to know when driving in Estonia. Before you can drive one, you have to first rent an automobile and deal with the company. Doing that would be very easy as long as you can comply with the requirements. Most of them are actually strict and you need to book in advance to make sure that you can get one. Anyway, we have more helpful tips for local and foreign visitors, who are renting a car for the very first time in Tallinn.


You have to be at the right age, when you would like to drive. I supposed, this policy is not new because this is a common rule in every country or state.

But here in Estonia, the auto rental companies permits a client, who is 19 years of age, though this will still depend on the category of the vehicle. And then, you have to be holding your license for at least a year. Lastly, you should keep in mind that, if you are under 25 years old, then you have to pay a surcharge.

Road Rules

Remember that driving in Estonia is not the same with other countries because here, they have a right hand side driving. Make sure that you have to put on the seatbelt and the front seat passenger must do as well. Another thing, you also need to turn the lights because this is a 24-hour requirement.

When it comes to the city speed limit, you have 30mph or 50kph. For the open roads, it would be 60mph or 100kph. While it would be 54mph or 90kph when you are on the major city highways, where you will usually find most gasoline stations.

Unlike other places, you will find no tolls at all along the highways of the country. For the parking system, you have to get it from the Pay and Display stalls. You will be given a disc for your dashboard. Avoid illegal parking because when you are caught, then they have your wheel clamped on.


If your own insurance policy does not cover the rentals, then you will have to go for the mandatory policy for your coverage. The amount varies and will depend on the company.

There are also optional coverages. They have the Collision Damage Waiver as well as the theft protection. These may be paid per day, depending on the policy of the auto rental company.


The vehicle may be picked up as well as dropped off in different parts of Tallinn without additional charges. I guess, that is a good news to many clients. However, fees will be incurred for one-way services only. Some may charge you per kilometer, it varies, anyway, and it will depend on the company policy.

By the way, if you are going to Russia, Latvia and Lithuania, you will be paying additional fees as well as insurance. If you would like to go to other countries, then you better inquire first and this may be allowed as a special request, though you just have to prepare for surcharges. And then, always learn about the roads and routes you need.