Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Basic tips to choose Benz car

The Benz product offers the quality, reliability, and luxury and this is the hallmark for the Benz brand which is combined with the superior performance technologies developed through the extensive racing heritage. There are many things to make sure of the car maintains, superior performance, high resale value and also prevents problems that may lead to expensive repairs in the future. Benz has a detailed maintenance schedule that is designed by the manufacturer to provide long life to the vehicles and replace common wear items before other problems arise.

Follow the service schedule meticulously

Maintenance such as changing the oil, checking fluid levels, changing brake pads, and monitoring tire wear keeps a vehicle performing efficiently and also prevents problems that may lead to expensive repair in the future. The steps in the maintenance schedule should be followed to keep the vehicle running properly and to protect the warning of the vehicle.

Bring the vehicle to the service center

Automotive repair shops and service centers can perform high-quality work.  But the focus, knowledge, and experience with certain models may be limited. By taking the vehicle to the Benz to an authorized service center the owner can be sure that the technicians working on the vehicle will have plenty of experience with the specific model.

Exclusive manufacturer-supplied information of the third party may not have access to service bulletins and they will use genuine Benz parts for the service, repairs, protecting the performance, resale value and the warranty of the vehicle. Take the vehicle to the Benz service center, there the technicians will know the history of the vehicle and also be able to diagnose and repairs the vehicle quickly.

Check the oil regularly

The oil in the engine of the vehicle provides essential lubrication to the parts and protects from excessive wear which will lead to premature engine failure. The best idea is to check the oil at least once in a week and add more if necessary.

Check the coolant level

The coolant circulates to the engine and absorbs the heat from the combustion process. Then it is pumped to the radiator where the fluid is cooled and back to the engine to remove the heat.  Lower coolant level and water may cause the vehicle to overheat, destroying the head gaskets, warping the heads or damage the engine block.

To check the coolant level open the hood only when the engines are cold and then find the coolant reservoir that is translucent white plastic. If the coolant level is at the full cold indicator line then the coolant level is adequate.

Check the windshield fluid

It helps to keep the windshield clean during the inclement weather and in dusty or muddy conditions. Open the hood and find the windshield washer reservoir to check the level of the fluid. 

Monitor the tire pressure

Low tire pressure may cause poor fuel mileage. High and low pressure can cause abnormal wear for the tire. Check the pressure of the tire at least every week to keep the tire in a good condition.