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All About Automotive Paint Protection Film – You Need To Know

Do you know that the contemporary automotive paint protection film was first developed for military applications in the 1960s? It was during the Vietnam war the US army faced problems with the rotor blades of their helicopter and other important equipment got damaged by flying shrapnel and debris. Eventually, the army contacted the 3M corporation for a protective, transparent and light-weight layer for their equipment. Initially, the layer was a sort of paint protection film or called as helicopter tape which looked like a cloudy clear lustre and incredibly dull. However, they did a marvellous job in protecting the intended equipment. To-day, you have thermoplastic urethane multicoloured paint protection films available in the market with optically clear versions and varieties of thickness level. Contact Proshield car protection film for best paint protection film to protect your car from possible scratches, rock chips, UV deposits, acid rain, mineral deposits and many more damages.

The urethane clear film is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants. It also helps to reduce oxidization caused by UV lights or maximum exposure to direct sun. The top portion of the paint protection film contains a substance that is comprised of elastomeric polymer. This substance helps the material maintain a natural shape and self-heal itself against scratches once it is applied on top of the intended surface. 

There are different types of paint protection films. Some of the popular paint protection films available in the market are XPEL, SunTek, 3M’s, Pro series etc. The most popular brand names of the paint protection film in the contemporary market are Invisible Shield, Clear Mask, Clear Bra, Clear Wrap, Car Scratch Protection Film, Rock Chip Protection etc.

Most customers often get confused between paint protection film and vinyl. The paint protection film is the much lightweight thinner version of vinyl. The vinyl or popularly called as “wrap” is comparatively heavier material and easy for application as well as gives extra coverage. However, many customers do not prefer its heavy nature and the low level of transparency. On the other hand, the paint protection film is crystal clear, lighter with the nature of self-healing in the cases of scratches. In other words, the vinyl is normally installed to improve the style whereas the paint protection film for protection. Almost all paint protection film professionals also provide services of vinyl wrap and many big companies use “plotter” which a type of vinyl pre-cutting machine which further makes the vinyl instalment easier.