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A Comprehensive Guide to Resetting Your Chevy’s Transmission Control Module

Your Chevy’s transmission control module is important because, without it, your car wouldn’t be able to switch gears effectively. There are many other signs to know if your transmission control module is going bad. If you have a hard time downshifting when slowing down or coming to a stop, if you have a hard time upshifting when accelerating, if you cannot shift out of neutral, if the transmission shifts to neutral or another gear on its own, or if there’s a delay when you shift from one gear to another. These are what you should check to determine if your transmission control module is going bad.

Before you can even think about changing your transmission control module, why don’t you learn the steps in transmission control module reset? It can save you a lot of money, and it works most of the time. Learn the steps here.

The Basic Steps to Resetting a Transmission Control Module

The first step is to change the position of the key and set it to 2. After that, check if the dashboard headlights are visible. If yes, then on to the next step which is to press the accelerator pedal. Press the accelerator down to activate the kick-down switch. Once done, keep on waiting for at least 10 minutes since we can’t expect everything to happen fast. Make sure to keep the pressure on the gas pedal. After the 10-minute timeframe, you should turn the key off but don’t release the pedal and don’t remove the key.

Once the key is back on the home position or zero, you can release the pedal. Next is to let your Chevy rest for 2 to 3 minutes. You have done both the Engine Control Unit process and the Transmission Control Unit process. Both will work cooperatively if you have done the steps above correctly.

How to Locate the Transmission Control Module in Your Chevy

The Transmission Control Module is usually located at the rear of the transmission case, which can be found below the engine control module. Some models have it under the hood near the battery or beneath the interior center console. The automatic transmission has its cooling inlet mostly on the right side of the square oil reservoir, and its key distinction is the six hex bolts of the rear output or the rear cover.

You can find the 4l60E can be found in almost all GM applications. Here, you can locate the transmission module, including Corvette, Silverado, Bravada, Sonoma, Jimmy, among the few.