VisitIndy professionals are the greatest!

In late June, I met with Sandra Johnson and Mary Huggard at VisitIndy to discuss my needs as a VisitIndy Partner. We had a very productive meeting reviewing my background as a “Genuine Car Nut” and my goals for my new venture “Indianapolis Auto Tours.”



Indianapolis Auto Tours

new landing page

Sandra and Mary reviewed my marketing materials and website. Their suggestions for improving my website to better attract tour groups and leisure travelers to take our auto tours were awesome. It is great how experienced convention professionals can lend a different perspective to engage tour groups with our offerings.

They also offered suggestions on other organizations around Indy that might be possible partners in other ventures. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

With their feedback, I redesigned the Indianapolis Auto Tours website to feature our unique tours. With my background in Indiana’s automotive history, I believe that we can offer unique tours celebrating Indianapolis’ automotive heritage.

With their help, I am now better prepared to engage tour groups and individuals to take one of our Indianapolis Auto Tours.

Thanks to Sandra and Mary at VisitIndy. I invite you to check out our Indianapolis Auto Tours website and see what you think. If you like what you see, why not share a link with someone visiting Indianapolis?