Printed Auto Apparel

Printed automotive gifts featuring automotive marketing material

Within the six Printed Auto Apparel Galleries, we present reproductions of automotive marketing material. This material captures some of the unique materials used to portray automobiles in the twentieth century.

The “He drives a Duesenberg” advertisement was one of the first uses of lifestyle to sell a product. The product is not seen in the ad, only the lifestyle.

Feature vehicles include Duesenberg and Marmon. Additional designs are in the works.

Feel free to browse our galleries. If you see something you like, just select the size and color of your choice. Basic hats and polo shirts are shown on the model. However, you can customize your selection and choose different colors, styles, and sizes. There are over 65 styles of shirts and other clothing for men, women, kids, and pets.

  • Hats: Perfect for wearing while driving along the highway.
  • Shirts: You may not have a passion for fashion, but you can show your passion for collectible autos by wearing one of these shirts.
  • Mousepads: Travel along the online highway with the help of your collectible car mouse pad.
  • Mugs & Steins: Sip your favorite mojo juice while enjoying the classic features of your favorite auto.
  • Ties: You may have to wear a tie, but you can at least have a little fun while doing so and provide a conversational icebreaker.
  • Tote bags: Carry your favorite treats and necessities in a collectible tote bag.
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Enjoy your visit at Auto Gift Garage.