Genuine Car Nut

Automotive gifts for the “Genuine Car Nut”

How can I tell if my friend or relative is a “Genuine Car Nut”? Here are a few indications that can lead to an affirmative answer.

With some people, the journey to being obsessed with cars begins at an early age. Many can remember auto trips with their parents when they could name every car that passed them going in the opposite direction. Or, a “Genuine Car Nut” might have been sitting and watching cars pass by on a well-traveled thoroughfare and naming every one.

This affliction may have started in the teenage years. A majority remember sitting in a high school class and doodling in the margins of textbooks and notebooks. Also, they recall stopping by the local car dealership and picking up the latest brochures. Others went to races and shows and dreamed of the day when they would build and drive one of those competitive vehicles.

In the early adult years, the “Genuine Car Nut” keeps his or her daily vehicle washed and waxed so that it looks great all the time. An idea of a perfect day includes a drive in the country.

Is the first piece of mail read by your relative or friend a favorite car magazine? Is he or she aware of the latest cars for sale by fellow club members?

Thoughts of cars occupy most of car nuts’ free time. They have a car just like the one they first drove so that they can relive that carefree period. Or, an automotive icon from a bygone era is preserved to pass along to future generations. Car shows and swap meets are scheduled most every weekend.

If your relative or friend has one or more of these traits, then consider him or her a “Genuine Car Nut.” We believe this is something to celebrate and the reason we have developed the “Genuine Car Nut” items at Auto Gift Garage.

Some of these items include hats, shirts, fleece jackets, mugs, steins, mousepads, tote bags, ties, and certificates. As with other items at Auto Gift Garage, these items are only available here.

When you first browse the merchandise in these galleries, you will find basic white as the background for the item. However, you customize your selection and choose different colors, styles, and sizes. There are 4 styles of hats and over 65 styles of shirts and jackets for men, women, kids, and pets.

We invite you to visit Genuine Car Nut Galleries to peruse our unique items that celebrate the automotive obsession.

Genuine Car Nut Certificates Gallery: Celebrate the “Genuine Car Nut” in your life.
Genuine Car Nut Apparel Gallery: Embroidered and printed apparel that coordinates well with your or another GCN’s style.
Genuine Car Nut Accessories Gallery: show your pride or as a gift for someone who shows all the signs of being a GCN.
Enjoy your visit at Auto Gift Garage.