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Introducing Our Feature Item Section

Our new Feature Item section highlights a unique automotive gift from our galleries.

Every month we will feature a look at one item from the many selections in our galleries. We would like to help you experience some of the top picks from the more than 100 items in Auto Gift Garage’s inventory. You can customize most of the items to suit your taste.

You can rest assured that you or your “genuine car nut” will enjoy one of our featured items because our passion for making them energizes every one we create.

So, pull up a chair and relax with your favorite beverage, while we present the “Feature Items” from our galleries.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

How do I find a special auto gift for my father?

Complete Feature: Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

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Genuine Car Nut items

Imagine finding an auto gift that helps them display who they are and what they care about. Envision them displaying being a “Genuine Car Nut” to the entire world. The items in our “Genuine Car Nut” Galleries enable your auto centric friend to celebrate their automotive obsession.

You’ll have fun selecting a unique auto gift for your car crazy friend or relative at our “Genuine Car Nut” Galleries. Why not stop by and peruse these goodies today?

Complete Feature: Genuine Car Nut items.

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Auburn Speedster radiator ornament


Part of the allure of the classic car, for me, has always been the hood ornament or radiator mascot. Each one seems like a piece of art specially selected to symbolize the auto manufacturer’s objective in design work. Whenever I photograph the special features of a vintage car, my review is never complete without a thorough look at its radiator ornament.

This photo captures the uniqueness of the 1935 Auburn automobile ornament. I particularly liked how its shadow cast another dimension to the car.

Complete Feature: Auburn Speedster radiator ornament.

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93 Tips for Buying a Collectible Car

93 Tips
93 Tips

After you read 93 Tips for Buying a Collectible Car, you will feel empowered to find, buy and care for that collectible car of your dreams.

You probably know that owning a collectible car involves more than the purchase. 93 Tips is designed to be an easy-to-understand guide on finding, buying and caring for a collectible car. Inside you’ll find information on:

  • Terms you should know about classic and collectible cars
  • Research on considerations before and during the transaction
  • Calculation of the affordability factor
  • Judging the car’s worth as an investment
  • Negotiations with the seller
  • Appropriate auction actions
  • Inspection of the possible purchase
  • Sources for accurate appraisals
  • Buying online or out-of-state and
  • Protection of your purchase

Complete Feature: 93 Tips for Buying a Collectible Car.

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Cord Reflections


If I had to pick my most popular photographic image, it would have to be “Cord Reflections.” This photo is part of my original photo series known as “Automotive Abstracts.” In this series I attempted to capture the flair and panache that auto stylists built into their creations. These abstract photographs isolate some design details that might get overlooked when viewing the entire vehicle.

This work originally titled “Intraplanetary Space Vehicle 1936” portrays a rear view of a Cord Model 810 Beverly Sedan. I believe the way the clouds play over the painted surface creates the effect of a space vehicle.

Complete Feature: Cord Reflections.

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