Embroidered Auto Apparel

Embroidered automotive gifts featuring automotive logos

Within the two Embroidered Auto Apparel Galleries, we present reproductions of automotive logos of yesteryear. These logos capture some of the style that marketers used to portray their automotive wares.

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The Studebaker script is a reproduction of the brass era logotype used over 100 years ago in marketing materials and on auto radiators.

Feature vehicles include Auburn, Avanti, and Studebaker. Additional designs are in the works.

Feel free to browse our galleries. If you see something you like, just select the size and color of your choice. Basic hats and polo shirts are shown on the model. However, you can customize your selection and choose different colors, styles, and sizes. There are 3 styles of hats and over 65 styles of shirts and other clothing for men, women, kids, and pets.

Embroidered Hats: Unique auto hats
Embroidered Shirts: a selection of shirts for that car nut
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