Celebrating the Hoosier Tour

1914-packardThe Indiana Region of the Classic Car Club of America celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Indiana Automobile Manufacturers’ Association Indiana-Pacific Tour on July 1st.

The celebration featured vintage cars, biographical author Jerry M. Fisher, character actor Jeff Kuehl as Carl Fisher, and Carl Fisher’s 1914 Packard roadster that paced the 1915 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.

Carl G. Fisher’s 1914 Packard

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Before lunch three vintage 1914 autos gathered in front of the Athenaeum for a photo opportunity of the nearly 100 year old vehicles. One of these autos was Carl Fisher’s original unrestored custom roadster. This car sported many unique features along with a custom body. Next was an American Underslung six-passenger touring car from the company’s last year in business. This American represented the top end of the company’s product line. The other car was a Cole five-passenger touring car. Coles were advertised as “The Standardized Car,” indicating that they were “the standard for quality in the industry.” The last two cars were Indianapolis-built on South Meridian St. and East Washington St. respectively.

The luncheon presentations by the “two Fishers” featured the significance of the 1913 IAMA Tour and how it served as a model for developing the Lincoln Highway. Jerry Fisher calls Carl Fisher the forgotten man from the early part of the twentieth century.


1914 American Underslung

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After lunch everyone commenced the 40-mile reenactment of the first day’s drive of the 1913 IAMA Tour in western Indiana on the way to the west coast. No one was daunted by the light showers as we ambled across the National Road to the Clay County courthouse in Brazil. Our afternoon ended with dinner at the Lake House Restaurant in Staunton.

Thanks to Carol and Larry Pumphrey of the IN Region CCCA for planning this centennial event and celebrating Hoosier auto pioneer Carl G. Fisher.


Dennis Horvath & Beauford Hall

with his 1914 Cole

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