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National Scenic Byways Program in peril

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

A bill before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will repeal the National Scenic Byways Program. The American Energy and Infrastructure Act of 2012 page 201 contains the text to repeal National Scenic Byways Program Section 162.

Why does this matter to fellow auto enthusiasts? The National Scenic Byways Program provides resources to the byway community in creating a unique travel experience and enhanced local quality of life through efforts to preserve, protect, interpret, and promote the intrinsic qualities of designated byways. The program has funded 3,049 projects for state and nationally designated byway routes in 50 states.

In Indiana alone, communities serving Indiana Lincoln Highway Byway, Historic Michigan Road Byway, Historic National Road-Indiana, Indiana’s Historic Pathways, Whitewater Canal Scenic Byway, and the Ohio River Scenic Byway have received funding.

These grants fund things like historic route signage, travel brochures, information kiosk development, and preservation of route monuments. All of these efforts encourage tourism along our historic highways and byways.

If you enjoy traveling along America’s historic routes and are concerned about the American Energy and Infrastructure Act of 2012 negative impact, I encourage you to contact your representative to not eliminate the National Scenic Byways Program Section 162 as part of this act.

For your information I have included a link to the National Scenic Byways Foundation post for your help in formulating a response.

One of the things I enjoy in life is touring along America’s two-lane highways. Let’s ensure that political developments don’t impact our simple pleasures by eliminating the National Scenic Byways Program.

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