Automotive Fine Art

Within the two Automotive Fine Art Galleries, we present photographic fine art images of classic, custom and antique automobiles to share with auto enthusiasts. These images are our attempt to capture some of the style and panache that stylists and craftsmen created in classic cars. The abstract photographs isolate some of these details that might get overlooked when viewing the whole vehicle. Many of these images have appeared in regional art shows and national publications.

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The works are available as posters, prints on canvas, or greeting cards. Feature vehicles include Auburn, Cord, Corvette, Duesenberg, BMW, Bugatti, Cadillac, Mercedes, Oldsmobile, Pierce-Arrow, Packard, Stutz, Ford and Volkswagen.

Feel free to browse our galleries. If you see something you like, just select the size and material of your choice. The work can be printed on a variety of materials, including gloss, matte, or canvas, in sizes ranging from 8” x 10” to poster size prints mounted and framed in a variety of formats.

Fine art greeting cards are a unique way to enjoy our automotive fine art. The cards are creased down the center, folded, and sent with a bright white envelope. You can order an individual card or boxed sets of 12 or 24 cards.

Automotive Abstract Gallery: a kaleidoscope of visual delights for classic car lovers.
Automotive Ornaments Gallery: a series of photographs of collectible car hood ornaments.
Enjoy your visit at Auto Gift Garage.