Fulfilling a need for other fans of auto memorabilia

The creative folks of Auto Gift Garage are Dennis and Terri Horvath. You might say that Dennis never met an automobile he didn’t like. His passion for all things automotive developed in his youth living in Indianapolis during the 1960’s. From his front porch, he could hear the “vroooom” of the race cars speeding around the Indianapolis 500 oval. He was hooked. Terri’s interests veer toward many types of creative endeavors, from photography to writing and needlecrafts.

The creative folks of Auto Gift Garage are Dennis and Terri Horvath.

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In the 1980’s, Dennis began to illustrate his automotive interests with his photographic work. He still enjoys paying homage through photography to the work of past and present automotive stylists. Through his camera’s viewfinder, he likes to isolate some of the details that might be overlooked to others viewing the whole vehicle. Many of his images have appeared in regional art shows and national publications.

During America’s automotive centennial in 1996, Dennis and Terri pooled their talents to write Cruise IN: A guide to Indiana’s automotive past and present, which outlines Indiana’s role in auto manufacturing. The cover of the book features a 1936 Cord automobile, which is one of the items in our AutoAbstracts Gallery. That book led to writing a more comprehensive volume entitled Indiana Cars: A history of the automobile in Indiana, published in the fall of 2002.

Those past works have led to our newest venture—the Auto Gift Garage—which sprung from Terri’s desire to find unique gifts for Dennis, a Certified Car Nut. She wanted to find affordable automotive gifts celebrating classic and collectible cars. We want to fulfill that need for other people like us. We have compiled fine art images and logos from the automotive past and applied them to our gift selections.

We hope you enjoy your journey through our automotive gift galleries. If you have any comments, suggestions, or items to share, please post them in the “Contact Us” section, and we’ll be glad to reply.

Thank you.